Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter Sonnet #1 - for Jayson Zigman

Jayson asked me to write a sci-fi sonnet about his cats, Mr. Murdock and Onyx, and how they felt about spiders.

Onyx, Queen of the Spiders

While Mr. Murdock licks his paws and mewls
his partner, Onyx, studies the terrain.
She sneers at those poor unenlightened fools
who've fled. Now only she and Murd remain.

From out the window all across the land
each speck of earth is covered by their legs.
These Spiders! They've consumed the rock and sand
and drained the oceans to arachnid dregs.

They had the chance to board that fateful ship
that left the earth. The cats were fully warned.
But something caused her to rethink the trip.
She's wanted to be queen since she was born.

The spiders are fine subjects. Who'd foreseen?
And plus, they're quite delicious. High protein.

Check for updates!!

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