Friday, November 20, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter Reward Sonnet #5 for Mary Purdey

Mary asked: "If you could include references to my love of tea, my love of sarcastic humor, graphic novels, peanut butter, to the fact that I am a librarian, and my love of "Star Wars", that would be great!"

I give you...

Mary the Librarian

In galaxies far and in times long ago,
a woman worked in a library.
When she was there green, black, and herbal tea flowed.
Her name, in the legends, was Mary.

She'd read every tome by Millar and Ware,
she'd stacked her shelves till a few broke
with V for Vendetta, pushed Vanity Fair
far under her last Killing Joke.

Some worried about her. At times days would pass
and she, locked away with her clutter
of Preacher, the Sandman, Tank Girl, and Kick-Ass,
would eat only raw peanut butter.

But Mary was happy. She stayed inside her
library, with company that she preferred.

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