Friday, November 20, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter Reward Sonnet #4 for J. Johnson

J. Johnson asked for a sonnet about sailboats, time, grape leaves, and red hair. So I give you...

The Last Redhead

The world's last redhead flees the forest pines.
For months she hasn't had a night of sleep.
The melody of windsong sounds like whines.
The fairies and their dances make her weep.

When she was younger, everywhere she saw
bright manes like hers reflected in relations.
Now hers seems like a monstrous tragic flaw.
She stands right out in any situation.

She finds the ocean, nestles down, and grieves –
nowhere for her to go but to the sea.
Then she recalls the bundle of strong leaves
she gathered at the local winery.

Now alone, upon a grape-leaf boat,
the world's last redhead voyages afloat. 

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