Friday, November 20, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter reward sonnet #3 for Jason Mellin

Jason asked for a sonnet about "a queer as heck ghost dragon."

The Legend of Myranth the Flaming

Myranth the Flaming scandalized his hoard

when he refused to sit upon his gold.

The dingy cave was making him quite bored.

Besides, he knew that he was getting old.

Such splendid gems and jewels were gone to waste

all hidden in a dank and fetid hole.

Myranth was well-esteemed for his good taste,

and thought “They should adorn me on a stroll!”

No, never was a dragon such a sight

as he that day, emerging in the sun.

His trinkets blazed and twinkled in the light,

a dazzling beacon awing everyone.

Now, on Northern nights, you'll sometimes see

Myranth the Flaming's dancing jewelry.

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