Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter Reward Sonnet #2 for Celilia Villero

The Mermaid and the Dragon

A mermaid and a dragon fall in love,

and right away, a test to their devotion:

The dragon must protect the skies above,

the mermaid must defend and guide the ocean.

The dragon's flame would quench beneath the sea

and mermaid skin won't last long in dry air.

But neither will accept or can foresee

a future as a solo, not a pair.

The mermaid casts a whirlpool, waters part

so now her lover can escort her home.

The dragon calls a tempest from his heart,

a funnel cloud where they can dance alone.

In these two storms, the couple laugh and spin.

They won't come out. Who would dare go in?

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