Friday, November 20, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter Reward Sonnet #5 for Mary Purdey

Mary asked: "If you could include references to my love of tea, my love of sarcastic humor, graphic novels, peanut butter, to the fact that I am a librarian, and my love of "Star Wars", that would be great!"

I give you...

Mary the Librarian

In galaxies far and in times long ago,
a woman worked in a library.
When she was there green, black, and herbal tea flowed.
Her name, in the legends, was Mary.

She'd read every tome by Millar and Ware,
she'd stacked her shelves till a few broke
with V for Vendetta, pushed Vanity Fair
far under her last Killing Joke.

Some worried about her. At times days would pass
and she, locked away with her clutter
of Preacher, the Sandman, Tank Girl, and Kick-Ass,
would eat only raw peanut butter.

But Mary was happy. She stayed inside her
library, with company that she preferred.

Spider Cult Kickstarter Reward Sonnet #4 for J. Johnson

J. Johnson asked for a sonnet about sailboats, time, grape leaves, and red hair. So I give you...

The Last Redhead

The world's last redhead flees the forest pines.
For months she hasn't had a night of sleep.
The melody of windsong sounds like whines.
The fairies and their dances make her weep.

When she was younger, everywhere she saw
bright manes like hers reflected in relations.
Now hers seems like a monstrous tragic flaw.
She stands right out in any situation.

She finds the ocean, nestles down, and grieves –
nowhere for her to go but to the sea.
Then she recalls the bundle of strong leaves
she gathered at the local winery.

Now alone, upon a grape-leaf boat,
the world's last redhead voyages afloat. 

Spider Cult Kickstarter reward sonnet #3 for Jason Mellin

Jason asked for a sonnet about "a queer as heck ghost dragon."

The Legend of Myranth the Flaming

Myranth the Flaming scandalized his hoard

when he refused to sit upon his gold.

The dingy cave was making him quite bored.

Besides, he knew that he was getting old.

Such splendid gems and jewels were gone to waste

all hidden in a dank and fetid hole.

Myranth was well-esteemed for his good taste,

and thought “They should adorn me on a stroll!”

No, never was a dragon such a sight

as he that day, emerging in the sun.

His trinkets blazed and twinkled in the light,

a dazzling beacon awing everyone.

Now, on Northern nights, you'll sometimes see

Myranth the Flaming's dancing jewelry.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spider Cult Kickstarter Reward Sonnet #2 for Celilia Villero

The Mermaid and the Dragon

A mermaid and a dragon fall in love,

and right away, a test to their devotion:

The dragon must protect the skies above,

the mermaid must defend and guide the ocean.

The dragon's flame would quench beneath the sea

and mermaid skin won't last long in dry air.

But neither will accept or can foresee

a future as a solo, not a pair.

The mermaid casts a whirlpool, waters part

so now her lover can escort her home.

The dragon calls a tempest from his heart,

a funnel cloud where they can dance alone.

In these two storms, the couple laugh and spin.

They won't come out. Who would dare go in?

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Spider Cult Kickstarter Sonnet #1 - for Jayson Zigman

Jayson asked me to write a sci-fi sonnet about his cats, Mr. Murdock and Onyx, and how they felt about spiders.

Onyx, Queen of the Spiders

While Mr. Murdock licks his paws and mewls
his partner, Onyx, studies the terrain.
She sneers at those poor unenlightened fools
who've fled. Now only she and Murd remain.

From out the window all across the land
each speck of earth is covered by their legs.
These Spiders! They've consumed the rock and sand
and drained the oceans to arachnid dregs.

They had the chance to board that fateful ship
that left the earth. The cats were fully warned.
But something caused her to rethink the trip.
She's wanted to be queen since she was born.

The spiders are fine subjects. Who'd foreseen?
And plus, they're quite delicious. High protein.

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