Monday, December 30, 2013

Pitchblende Fundraiser Sestina #1: Greg, The King of Hell

Greg, The King of Hell 

Below the bowels of earth, a dark lord reigns
o'er a horde of writhing, wretched wraiths
who tear at their own flesh to drink the blood
that seeps like poison honey from their veins.
Above this dismal sea of hopeless screams,
atop his throne sits Greg, the King of Hell.

As Greg surveys the barren blaze of Hell,
that smold'ring void where time no longer reigns
he tries to separate the shrieks from screams
and count each soul within the swarm of wraiths
that floats inside the gush of open veins,
a tangled bath of intermingled blood.

They fill each other's mouths with their own blood
and share each other's flesh. This feast of Hell
has raged since first Cro-Magnons spilled their veins.
Each lonely frontal lobe clenching its reigns
awaits its fate among the soup of wraiths
to be a voice lost in the choir of screams.

They never change their amplitude, the screams.
The rushing, rolling, boiling stream of blood
has never gained or lost an ounce. The wraiths
can absorb the millions into one. Hell
may be a place eternal sorrow reigns,
but nothing's held inside the heart or veins.

Greg watches as the tangled, violent veins
of sad souls lose themselves in brutal screams,
their skins seared off by sulfur streams. He reigns
in one small, flustered tear. Says it's just blood,
a drop splashed from the gory brine of Hell,
but quietly, he's jealous of the wraiths.

The King can't differentiate the wraiths
and feels the scorching throb of his own veins
enclosed forever in the slough of Hell,
one solo voice among the choral screams.
Greg surveys his empire of blood
and hums a common song. The brimstone rains.

He never screams. He never lets his blood
join with the wraiths that thrash their toxic veins.
This is his private Hell. Alone, he reigns.

Jade's notes:

This is the first sestina I finished out of the commissioned sestina from the Pitchblende fundraiser. It was a request by a total stranger who happened on our campaign by chance. I HAD to write it first because his request was so fun. Greg rules! Here are his requirements:
Q1: Request your topic, plot, intention, specific word inclusions, and other instructions here.
Something dark! Vampires, heavy metal, the devil, whatever!! I'd love to have my name, Greg, in it, as a bad guy.
Q2: Do you have rhythmic/metric preferences?
  • Yes! Iambic pentameter, please! (The classic!)
Q3: Any other comments, instructions or special requests for Jade?
Like I said I'd like to have it dark, so please have fun with it!! Thank you for this awesome opportunity!!