Sunday, October 21, 2012

My New Urban Annex: Gertrude Stein Meets Ganesh

In this edition of Jade's Slow But Undeniable Progression Through Adulthood, I have moved to a super-cool grownup apartment.

It has everything I've ever dreamed of. In addition to being a short walk from both Central and Harvard Squares, it features:

1) Freaking roof access.

Photo: Roof.

2) An office for writing and teaching private writing lessons and writing workshops.

Photo: Office ii

3) Room for all of my books.

Photo: Office iii

4) Space to practice and teach private yoga lessons.

Photo: New office

5) A spot for Ganesh to chill in some Christmas lights.

Photo: New place

It's like all my midwestern adolescent dreams of moving to the city are coming true. It only took six years of back-breaking work!