Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Pacific Northwest Tour Dates 5/6-5/14

With all the excitement, I almost forgot I'm coming to the Pacific Northwest next week (!).

If you're around, please come see me! I will hug you even if you smell fairly bad.

5/06, poetry feature @ Thundering Word, Vancouver, Cananda

5/07, poetry feature @ Vancouver Poetry Slam, Vancouver, Canada

5/08, poetry feature @ Seattle Poetry Slam, Seattle, WA

5/09, poetry feature @ Spokane Poetry Night, Spokane, WA

5/12, poetry feature @ Eugene Poetry Slam, Eugene, OR

5/13, poetry feature @ Portalnd Poetry Slam, Portland, OR

5/14, poetry feature @ Bellingham Poetry Night, Bellingham, WA

The Siren will be there.

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