Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Europe, ho!

Je vais en Paris!

Holy fucking shit, I'm going on tour in Europe in less than a week. I'm going to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dijon, Reims, and Paris, to READ POEMS and SING SONGS to rooms full of people. I'm getting paid to do this. I can hardly believe this is my life.

Also, I just got word that I received a travel grant from The Foundation for Contemporary Art in NYC to help me go on this tour. I got the message on the Red Line riding over the Charles. I started hyperventilating on the crowded train. This is my first artist grant. The money is wonderful, but mostly it's validation at a really tenuous time. I really needed news like this. It makes me feel so grown-up and legitimate.

ALSO, also, the indomitable Caleb Cole will be joining me and Sean for the French leg (hehe, French leg) of our trip. We'll have four days in Paris to rush around and take pictures and go to Shakespeare & Co. and visit Oscar Wilde's grave and be total cliches. We watched Midnight in Paris last week to get ready for it. Woody Allen knew my brain with that one. I definitely expect a car full of Lost Generation expats to abscond with me when I'm there. At least metaphorically.

Here's a full schedule of our tour:

Jan 19: BCN Slam, Barcelona, Spain

Jan 21: Some Bar, Barcelona, Spain

Jan 24: Cafe De Barones, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jan 25: Slam Dijon, Dijon, France

Jan 26: Slam Tribu, Reims, France

Jan 27: Music Night @ Downtown Cafe, Paris, France

Jan 30: Poetry Night @ Downtown Cafe, Paris, France

Check out the awesome bilingual (English and French) chapbook I made especially for this tour. (Translation help by Lucie Monroe.)

I'm going to eat so much freaking jamon and marcona almonds and chocolate and cheese. I'm going to try to blog and Facebook as much as possible while I'm there, but I'm only going to have my iPhone and will only have internet at WiFi hotspots, so it may be spotty. Regardless, Caleb will be in France with me, so I should have some awesome photos when I get back.

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