Sunday, October 2, 2011

New York City is where dogs look like Luck Dragons

Yesterday I finally understood why people love New York City.

SFTD and I played a set at Pete's Candy Store on Friday night. It was a smallish but really attentive crowd, and I got to catch up with my friend Jess and my former roommate Emily, both of whom are going to NYU right now studying Nutrition and Food Systems, respectively.

Our friend The Sneaky Mister came, too. She is brilliant and told us wonderful stories about tattoos and Joseph Campbell and Scotland. You should listen to her.

Then the next morning, I went to NYU to teach a workshop at the Preemptive Education conference at the Silver Center. It occured to me afterward that I was technically teaching at the school who's art school rejected me ten years ago. One more tiny little victory in my heart.

Then as we were walking back to the Subway to catch the Green Living Fest in Brooklyn, we ran into the Slut Walk. I got a "Consent is Sexy" button.

When I was a teenager I dreamed of dropping out of high school and running away to New York City. I wonder sometimes if I'd be further along in my art now if I'd done that, but that's kind of a ridiculous road to go down since EVERYTHING would be so incredibly different that it's hard to say what would have happened. Maybe I would have burned out or gotten addicted to heroin or started sleeping with a record executive. I was so fragile when I was that age, and for a few years after that I was so depressed and whacky who knows.

You have to know who you are, I think, to go to New York. This time, walking around, I felt comfortable. It was the first time since I was seventeen I thought, "Hey, I could live here."

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