Sunday, June 5, 2011

you're the reason I'ma travelin on

I have been horrendously delinquent about updating this blog situation, partially because I AM SO FREAKING BUSY it hurts my veins to think about, and second because I've been being more and more of a Facebook and Twitter (ew) whore.

I went on a mini tour of the Southeast in May. Highlights included a drunken walk through the National Mall in DC with an old high school friend ending in a 1AM pow-wow with Abe Lincoln, randomly opening up for an underground hip hop show as Madame Psychosis a ham, eggs n grits southern breakfast in gorgeous, gorgeous Savannah, and performing in a Masonic Temple in Asheville, NC.

They filmed my whole feature there. I'll be cutting it up and posting it bit by bit on my youtube channel. Here's the first bit:

Right now, I'm over at Caleb's house. We made banana pancakes and a mushroom scramble. He'll be gone at a residency the last half of this month, and I'm away at the Bread Loaf Writer's Workshop the first half of July, and San Francisco the second. We're so grown-up all of a sudden.

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