Friday, June 17, 2011

Hard Times Are Coming


hapi said...

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llq said...

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Shark Scientist said...
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SharkScientist said...

Hi Jade. This is Sam's Dad. I wish we could go to the Brooklyn gig at the Candy Shop but Sam is too young for libations. Between his mom and the ATF, I think we would have a tough time getting in. I would take Mom but I burned her out on Alan Ginsberg and the Ginsbergers that night on Avenue A in 1990. Maybe a fatter spliff would have helped but if she doesn't appreciate Gigantor, I'm afraid there's little hope for MmeP. I'm a humongous fan though.

A quick thought about getting published and circulated... I know it sometimes feels like there's no pulse because the cash flows ever so slowly but we (cough) are out here. This body of work you are doing is precious and the sincerity is self evident. This is why you are here. When you are old and prosperous, you will look back on these pieces with great satisfaction.

We all live on the artist's continuum. Most of us on the dark side in complete and utter non self-actualization. We don't understand art as the germ of the human condition but rather a guild where admission is controlled by a panel.

I love your work and learn a lot from it too. I really appreciate you putting it out there for me to study. Mainly, I'm glad to have it because it makes me feel good. I think your success is remarkable.

I hope you figure out how to make some money at this but you have already succeeded in mastering the craft. I see art as craftsmanship transcendent. We take ownership of the tools and media. Then we are able to take our eyes off our hands, face forward and speak. That's where I think you are today and you have already said a great deal. It would be good if that put bread on your table.

God speed dear friend. I hope you have a chance to see our work but I'm not going to spam your blog. Gigantor was key but if you care to figure it out, you will find us too. Group hug from Mike and Sam!