Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Spent twenty-four hours packing up cds to be mailed out to radio stations and reviewers, baking thank-you cookies for my studio musicians (vegan coconut cardamom oatmeal cookies -- ridiculous), and uploading my freaking album to bandcamp.

Caleb and I have been having "work dates" lately, where we spend the whole day together working on our own boring shit side by side, with an occasional break for food or commentary. It's surprisingly productive, and cuts down greatly on the working-from-home isolation/depression/craziness factor.

Album release show this Friday. Biggish events always freak me out a bit. Residual childhood fears about no one showing up. It's incredible how much we keep working through over and over again in our lives. How growing up means more appreciating these things than "getting over" them.