Friday, January 14, 2011

let it burn

So Caleb and I are setting up this show. It's on March 4th.

More info:

Here & Now: Ephemera is a multidisciplinary collection of unconventional writers, visual artists, and performers seeking to create an ephemeral artistic experience in reaction to the hyper-documentation of modern social life.
Five writers will read new pieces from type-written pages with no additional hard or soft copies. Other acts will include burlesque, visual art, and a lecture on ephemera by a physicist (performers' credentials range from The Slutcracker to Harvard, if you care). Once the performances are complete, the writers' pieces will be ritualistically burned along with all materials from the other acts.
No cameras, recording devices, or other forms of documentation will be allowed in the space.
By the end of the night, the artists will render a timely manifestation of the phrase, “One night only.”

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