Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hello 'leven

After a mostly-positive December that almost drove me insane from business, I flew home to Indiana for a week of sitting around, eating, and drinking Champagne.

On Christmas day we did the traditional Italian seven course dinner. I learned to make braciole and proper lasagna from Grandma:

This is a life skill that will surely come in handy.

My bro and I were dago-ing out.

It's good to get back to my routine though, and I wound up missing home (Boston, that is) quite a bit. It's crazy how much I really do love my life here. Plenty of people dread getting back to their "real life." I need it to feel like myself.

I do need to take better care of myself, though. I literally ran myself to exhaustion toward the end of last year. I loved almost everything I was doing, but I started having panic attacks (a new experience for me) and major anxiety. If I believed in New Year's Resolutions, that would be mine.

My new living situation helps. My roomie (who I can't name because he's all businessy and fancypants, so I'ma call him Dr. Manhattan) actually gets me to relax sometimes and watch movies(!). Yoga helps, too. Maybe I don't need to work from the second I wake up to the second I go to bed.

Also, my brother got me a ukulele for Christmas! I played it at a show in Portland ME last night. Check it:


Jess said...

I hear ya— I'm looking forward to fewer panic attacks in 2011!

Jade Sylvan said...

testify, sister.