Wednesday, December 22, 2010

booze pilgrims

I desperately needed a roadtrip, and Caleb had read about Root, an organic, root-based, pre-prohibition-era-recipe liquor that purportedly like root beer, while simultaneously being 80 proof.

Oh my god, check out that website. They know exactly how to market to me. That font? Those precious hand drawn roots and handwritten ingredients lists? They are inside my mind in all the right ways, and I respect that.

Only problem is, because of its indie awesomeness, you can still only buy the stuff in Pennsylvania and this one random liquor store in Burlington, Vermont. (No, you can't have it shipped to Mass. Illegal. We checked.)

Of course, like a precious metal, its scarcity made us desire it even more, so we took a day and drove ourselves up to Burlington (4 hours each way -- have I mentioned how insanely busy we both are?), where I'd never been, and relieved The Burlington Bay Market and Cafe of their entire supply.

They never knew what hit em.

Success! Even the label gets me. Check out that font. And all-caps? Way to go against the ewwiness of the currently ubiquitous all-lowercase helvetica fad. <3<3<3

Burlington turned out to be lovely, and catered to my demographic with flying colors.

We ate some delish local by-the-pound veg food at the cutest cafe evar (wish I remembered the name, but awwww look at the picture).

And I bought some new old clothes to replace my old old clothes at a rockin attic vintage shop from a cute boy who told me how fur was coming back. Good thing I still have all my grandma's old fur hats and stoles.

These are men's Levi's from the eighties. Caleb took this picture for LATFH. I am what I am. I don't try.

Also, Lake Champlain.

Also, it was freezing.

But we got our Root.

Monday, December 13, 2010

where I am

listening to christmas music (the stone cathedral kind) on a pandora station while staring at a computer screen and composing html. no sleep for four days and I left my warmest sweater at the Slutcracker cast party on Friday. haven't had a day off in, like, god, a month? pain in my side and strange bruises. hypochondria gnawing at its ropes.

I need a christmas party, a fireplace, some hot cocoa, a road trip, a big pile of friends and/or family to sleep in, a statue of Buddha, an unexpected phone call, a hot tub, a quiet walk down a brick street, a kiss on the mouth with tongue, some good news, snow falling in streetlights, a kept promise.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010