Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gearing up for the Madame Psychosis release

Finally, after over a year of working with LoWreck on this quirky, geeky hip-hop project, we are releasing the very first Madame Psychosis EP. It's mastered and everything, and will be available on all the major electronic distributors. Like Madame Psychosis on Facebook to get updates and make me happy.

The official release date of Analysis Paralysis (EP) and the Zombie Apocalypse! music video is September 14th, but it's already on If you believe in supporting independent artists, please pick up a copy and/or tell your friends! If dorky hipster-hop isn't your thing, you can still buy my books, The Spark Singer and Backstage at The Caribou. Producing and releasing an album is expensive, and even artists need to eat and pay rent.

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