Sunday, July 11, 2010

scenes from Tucson

watched a mass trial of 60 illegal immigrants who wore jangling chains and saw the judge begin to cry. went to a punk-bluegrass show at an anarchist collective where the punks clapped along and stomped their feet while jumping into one another - there were little kids and dogs and a sink and the sweat flew in fat drops from everyone. went through the drive through liquor store on bikes and got a ice cold six of tecate - drank it in a church parking lot. dug swales in the hard, dry, red earth as the sun rose until my hands began to spasm. took a shower in the open air with the sun shining down - my shower had a rainbow in it. played music at the farmer's market as the sun set and the mountains turned purple and the whole sky turned red. performed poetry at an anti SB1070 rally by the courthouse. sang amazing grace at a tiny round adobe church. sweated a whole lot. discovered byrd baylor. ate watermelon and agave and prickly pear and really good mexican food and a sonoran hot dog. saw a dust devil and a tumbleweed and a lot of cacti.

more and pictures to follow.

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