Tuesday, June 1, 2010

big ol' update with pictures!

I've had a wild few weeks, so I figured I'd update in one long picture-ful entry. To start things off with some intrigue and excitement, today I was almost struck by lightening. See picture:

I realize I misspelled "scorch," but I'm honestly too happy to be alive right now to care. It looked like it was about to rain, and I had just bought this sweet tomato plant I was going to put in that pot you see, so I was digging out the roots of the plant that was currently in there when everything suddenly went very silent, and I felt this intense vibration/buzziness in my whole body. Then everything kind of went black for a second and then the powerlines above me sparked, and I was left just feeling kind of tingly and weird. These two construction workers who saw it pulled up in their car and asked if I was okay. It wasn't until I saw the scorch mark that I realized what a close call I had. My ears have been ringing on and off, and I'm a little shaky, but otherwise I feel okay. Whew.

Anyway, on to more predictable things.

A couple of weeks ago I finally made it to a Kitchen Sessions and Mike McGee's house in Worcester. It was such a wonderful salon-type setting with piles of amazing home-cooked food. I tried sweet potato pie for the first time and wow. How did I live without that?

The feature was RC Weslowski, a great surrealist from Canada. Everyone was rapt.

And Mike even managed to fit me on the swollen open mic. I read a new piece. I think there's video somewhere but I'm not sure where.

Madame Psychosis has been busy this month. She's planning her video for Zombie Apocalypse!, and has also teamed up with a few other highly talented roustabouts for a hip-hop group, The Delusions.

Making beats:

A few tracks are up on Myspace and Facebook, and here's an intro vid we just put on YouTube. (This song was inspired by Trololo, and is one of my favorites.)

In other news, a couple of Mondays ago I won first place in the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge. I'm really psyched about this. Not only is that contest full of other extremely talented singer-songwriters, and not only did I win a whopping $70 bucks (no food stamps again this month!) but it means I get to play in the BIG contest that they have in September. First prize for that one? $500!

Someone snapped a picture of me playing at the Lizard:

And finally, some fun. A Memorial Day barbeque at my friend Dan's house climaxed when my friend Meaghan had the brilliant idea of making a lady pyramid. Behold:

photo by the awesome Mick Murray

So many muscles!

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