Sunday, May 2, 2010

just deserts

I've been planning the tour this July for months, starting in Tucson, up through the Grand Canyon area, and into San Francisco. In Tucson, in addition to performing, I was exited to help my friend Emily with her work creating sustainable farms for local elementary schools (so up my alley), and also help her volunteer at No More Deaths, which is a program that brings supplies of water and food to illegal immigrants who are dying of hunger and thirst in the desert because they may have run across the border with nothing but the clothes on their skins. It incredible how many people die in that desert just trying to make it to the "better life" America seems to promise them.

The recent controversy in Arizona makes me a little nervous about that leg of my trip, but in a way, even more invigorated. Maybe I'll write a special protest song or something, you know, Times They Are A'Changin' style.

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