Monday, May 10, 2010

goddess culture

Reading for a project has recently led me to a lot of literature on the divine feminine and goddess-worship. Though I never really got "into" any of this, somehow it feels familiar in a comforting way, as if it were something that used to be very important to me that I somehow forgot about. I imagine it must be what once-and-future Catholics describe when they come back to the Church after a long hiatus.

I read tarot cards. I see symbols. Sometimes I know the future before it happens. Witches always tell me I'm a witch. A priest told me I had the temperament of a monk once. A psychic told me I'm followed by a male spirit who has more influence over me than I'd probably like to think. I used to know I believed in things, then I knew I believed in nothing, and now I know belief isn't the point.

Don't ask me what this is supposed to mean. I just think it's interesting. I've never been religious, but the way I've always seen the universe would probably be described as spiritual by most people, and I do have a huge portrait of Saraswati tattooed on my upper arm.


jessica said...

i've had strange 'psychic' visions and then they would happen, too. i don't think i believe in all that, either, but it's odd when it happens several times. even if trivially.

i find it interesting what you say about believing... if believing isn't the point, what would you say is? actions?


Jade said...

I guess I don't really see belief as meaning a lot to me. My beliefs change so much, even about simple, mundane things. I guess living with positive intention and a clear vision is more important to me.