Monday, May 10, 2010

goddess culture

Reading for a project has recently led me to a lot of literature on the divine feminine and goddess-worship. Though I never really got "into" any of this, somehow it feels familiar in a comforting way, as if it were something that used to be very important to me that I somehow forgot about. I imagine it must be what once-and-future Catholics describe when they come back to the Church after a long hiatus.

I read tarot cards. I see symbols. Sometimes I know the future before it happens. Witches always tell me I'm a witch. A priest told me I had the temperament of a monk once. A psychic told me I'm followed by a male spirit who has more influence over me than I'd probably like to think. I used to know I believed in things, then I knew I believed in nothing, and now I know belief isn't the point.

Don't ask me what this is supposed to mean. I just think it's interesting. I've never been religious, but the way I've always seen the universe would probably be described as spiritual by most people, and I do have a huge portrait of Saraswati tattooed on my upper arm.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Books of Hope on the Web

Books of Hope has a new website:

The kids are all gearing up for their release party next week. I'm frantically trying to make sure everything is ready. I need a massage.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

just deserts

I've been planning the tour this July for months, starting in Tucson, up through the Grand Canyon area, and into San Francisco. In Tucson, in addition to performing, I was exited to help my friend Emily with her work creating sustainable farms for local elementary schools (so up my alley), and also help her volunteer at No More Deaths, which is a program that brings supplies of water and food to illegal immigrants who are dying of hunger and thirst in the desert because they may have run across the border with nothing but the clothes on their skins. It incredible how many people die in that desert just trying to make it to the "better life" America seems to promise them.

The recent controversy in Arizona makes me a little nervous about that leg of my trip, but in a way, even more invigorated. Maybe I'll write a special protest song or something, you know, Times They Are A'Changin' style.