Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Jade

During a break at a photoshoot today, the photographer began showing me photos of his daughter, a two-year-old Chinese orphan who was born with a cleft pallet (fixed now) and who is, coincidentally, named Jade. After a few more yards of red tape, he and his wife will finally be able to go get their baby and bring her home. They already have her room set up (she has a rocking dragon instead of a rocking horse), they're just waiting for that final okay from their little girl's old and new governments.

I can't imagine having to count on bureaucracy in a situation like that. I would be a nervous wreck. I know these things go through all the time, but knowing your baby is in another country where anything could happen and still will be for months before you take her home? My stomach would be eating itself.

My late-twenties maternal kick in the pants is raging. Little Jade was so cute I almost started crying. She has the biggest smile. I hope everything goes smoothly for them all.


Jess said...

Hahah I know exactly what you mean. I could tell it was time to get back to class and work because I could actually hear my biological clock again.

Emily Piper said...

In high school I babysat for a family that adopted a little girl named Katie from Russia. She had a hairlip and had a few surgeries to get that fixed. I loved her so much.

The family had adopted a child before that, but he or she died on the way over. That was before I babysat for them so I don't know the whole story... but I feel like the bureaucracy played a role in that, like if things had moved a little bit faster it would have turned out ok.

I wish I knew more and could tell the story a little bit more eloquently--but it has always broken my heart a little bit.