Monday, November 2, 2009

rose tints my world

Here's a review of my Nuyorican feature from the Columbia Spectator's entertainment section. It's extremely complimentary, so much so I'm almost embarrassed to put it up.  At least I know one person liked me in New York.  And if that person happens to write for a paper, well, bully.

And a picture from another stellar Halloween in Boston:

Photo Credit: Jason Liu

I didn't have much time to plan a costume this year, so I threw on my old standby. My mom and I spent hours sewing this thing when I was fifteen. I wore it for several Halloweens in high school, and then later when I played Columbia in the Louisville Rocky Horror cast. If you told me while I was hand sewing shimmery ribbons on those short on my parents' beige living room carpet that I'd be wearing it again in 2009, I would have been skeptically ecstatic.

And this was 100% unplanned:

Video Credit: Mick Murray

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