Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday I spend some good quality (windy) time outdoors, then spent some good eating time at my old haunt, The Runcible Spoon.  I hate to be that guy who moves to the city, then comes back to small-town Midwestern restaurants and is all like "Oh my god, everything's so cheap here!"  But Jesus Christ, everything's so cheap there!  Seared Salmon with horseradish sauce on smashed potatoes, black beans, and braised vegetables for $7.50?  A Maudite beer for $3.50?  Fuggetaboutit.

Monday evening I taught a workshop on Campus, and the kids were awesome.  Ten students attended (the max that were allowed), and they all remained engaged and really interested throughout the whole two-hour workshop.  This is AFTER they had to hear me read for a half-hour, and also from 8-10 on a Monday night.  Plus, the group really had some writers.  I was very impressed.  Go IU.

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