Sunday, September 6, 2009

growing up

Derek and I went to Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain for my birthday dinner last night.  All the great things I've heard about that place were 100% accurate.  Dessert was this dark chocolate mousse torte with Thai basil ice cream.  It made me make sounds I was embarrassed about.

I've been so busy planning the tour and doing stuff with the books coming out, I haven't had much time to WRITE write.  I'm telling myself that's okay.  That it's all part of the bigger picture.  But it seems more and more time I would have used to write a year ago is now used to network, email, fix websites, attend events I should attend, and other schmoozey bullshit.  It's turning me into more of a social hermit, since staying in at night seems to be the only way to get anything I actually care about done.  

Maybe it's just growing up.  I'm going to be 27 on Wednesday, after all.

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