Thursday, May 7, 2009

a little nutter-butters

I have a severe allergy (as in possibly death-inducing without an epi-pen) to peanuts, walnuts, and pecans. However, I can eat all of the almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts I want.

I have never intentionally eaten peanut butter and associate the flavor and smell with something insidious that hides in otherwise harmlessly chocolate cookies and candy waiting to send me to the hospital. Often when my allergy comes up, at least one person will look at me with an expression somewhere between shock and pity and say, "How do you live without peanut butter?"

I always just shrug, because of course when you've never had something, you can't miss it.

But last week ALMOND BUTTER was on sale at Shaw's, so I picked up a jar just to see what all the nut-butter fuss was about. I took it home and made an almond butter and organic blueberry spread sandwich on an English muffin and Oh. My. God. I get it okay, people? If peanut butter is at all like almond butter (and third parties have assured me it is), I would imagine it takes the average person a great deal of daily self control not to sit around in their kitchen all day and eat jar after jar of the stuff with a spoon.

Of course, peanut butter tends to go for about 2-3 bucks per jar, while almond butter is more in the 8-12 dollar range. That alone should help me control myself, but I'm not looking forward to this jar running out (which won't be that long from now, who are we kidding).

As I was writing this I was eating a sliced-up Gala apple slathered with almond butter. The fact that it's gone now makes me more upset than it should.

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