Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's hot when you puke

It never ceases to amaze me how much more frequently I get hit on when I'm looking disgusting (coming from the gym, makeupless and unshowered, sick, etc.) than when I get all dolled-up and actually look presentable.

I woke up with some sort of food poisoning this morning at 5am. When I could finally hobble outside this afternoon I made it to Whole Foods in search of Boylan's Cane Cola, the only thing I could imagine putting in my mouth. In the parking lot a guy sat leaning against his car.

"Can I see your tshirt?" he said. "It looks cool."

I was still hunched over and sweating in pain, walking tight-legged past. "It's just an Urban Outfitters tshirt from a few years ago. I'm really not feeling very well."

"I'm so sorry," he called after me. "You're very beautiful."

I was not. I looked like I had food poisoning. On my way home I ran into my friend Kristen who said, "Oh my, you look like hell."

If he saw what was coming out of me eight hours beforehand, I wonder if he'd say the same thing.

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MAE said...

I once drank a Boylan's soda that was filled with black mold. I didn't realize it until half through the drink. That is the one thing I can not imagine drinking after food poisoning. FYI.