Tuesday, March 24, 2009

words and weddings

I'm talking to the folks at Spuyten Duyvil Press about putting a book of poetry together, to be released sometime in the early fall.

I'm performing at Caleb and Leyna's wedding back home in Indiana this weekend. I'll get to see Mom and Dad and eat lots and lots of food.

It'll also be the first time in a yearlike I see (or really talk to, for that matter) the Ex. It'll be a good litmus test. Derek couldn't come, so Mom's my date to the wedding itself, but I'm going stag to the rehearsal dinner. We'll test the waters and see if any kind of post-traumatic-breakup friendship is yet possible here.

But no matter what happens social-navigation-wise, Saturday is cake, drinking, and karaoke in fancy dresses. Gotta love that.

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Chad Parenteau said...

Is this your first wedding? I've read original works at two weddings. By far the largest (captive) audiences I've ever read for.

Congrats on this (sure-thing?) poetry deal. Let me know when things get solidified as far as release dates go.