Thursday, February 26, 2009

the new dirty phonecall

I was typing away today when I received a random text from an Indiana area code saying "Who is this?"

I have never seen this number before, but I thought it was possible that I had sent an accidental text the night before, so I replied "Jade, who's this?" as is the custom in such situations.

Stranger: "Brandon. I go to Columbus North High School. How old r u?"

Me: "I'm a grown woman in Boston. Why do u have my number?"

Stranger: "It just popped up. Im a teacher at North. Send me a pic. Have u ever tried anal?"


If you want his number, email me, just in case you want to let him know how much his advances are appreciated with pics of pigs fucking or human excrement.

1 comment:

MAE said...

Even though he already harassed you, you may want to be careful with the publishing of his number on the internet. It's technically illegal. Sadly, I know this from my mess with Trixiepix.