Sunday, February 15, 2009

All moved in! I'm barely set up and my new place feels more like home to me than my last two places combined. Really I haven't loved a place this much since my and Thade's place in Bloomington (with the porch swing.... oh the porch swing...). My apartment in Brighton was nice but I never did anything with it. My room here feels like MY ROOM, in a way I can't even remember any room feeling in my adult life. Maybe my very first bedroom on Mitchell street in college was close, but this one's slanted ceilings (almost like a cob house, if my inner hippie can come out a bit) just feel so cozy. I'm putting up my Ganesh and my evil eye and my Faulkner poster and my Bodo print I got in New Orleans and keeping my tarot cards near the bed again. Everything is better.

In other news, I am now addicted to Kombucha.

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