Monday, December 8, 2008

Hit Me

I read a Rolling Stone article about Britney Spears's "comeback," the other day. She's clean, coming out with a new album, but has also been declared incompetent by her father and had all legal rights as an adult revoked. Her dad has to sign for her to do anything. She can't hire her own lawyer because kids can't hire lawyers, and the only option she has of fighting this is to take a state-appointed lawyer who would cost her $10,000/week. The interviewer writing the article (the COMEBACK article for ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, you'd think they'd want to tone down the creepiness of this by some degree) was never allowed to be alone with Britney, and had to run every question by her dad, Jamie, who shot down intrusive and revealing questions such as "What do you think about the election?" and warned the reporter before hand to "take care of [his] little girl."

And the article mostly glosses all of this over and talks about her album and her Gawd, y'alls! What?

The so-far-most-convincing-candidate for Emblem of Our Generation is arrested in all her teen-queen glory. Frozen developmentally, behaviorally, and now legally back there with those pigtails, slapping lockers in belly shirts. Not as cute at 27, especially with those glassy eyes and evident weave.

It's sad, but I bet she'll go out like Marilyn. America eats its idols and drains the marrow and blood from its gods. No wonder all our great artists kill themselves.

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