Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last weekend I went to my first protest in years, the Anti-Prop 8 rally in government center. I went mostly to see Jamie perform. He closed it out and nailed it, mentioning how he wants a condo and a husband and a Doberman named Chaucer, then performing a very well-received poem. It was nice to go to something like this again. I'm such a sap. A few times during the speeches I even teared up, like when they pointed out a old M/M couple in the audience who had been together fifty-three years, and married for four. When did I become such a girl.

Trying new things. I'm working on a non-fiction piece about nude modeling. My workshop, which is awesome and includes Nicole T.D. of the 30/30, seems to like it so far. I've never written nonfiction though, so we'll see how it goes. Last night I finally went to Dave and Brian's Art Night, which, turns out, would have been totally easy for me to go to virtually every week after the Cantab, since Brian De P. lives RIGHT in Central and Art Night is a beast that does not yield to taming until at least one or two AM. This will have to be a reoccurrence.

This weekend I'm going to NYC with Derek for his 30/30 All Stars show in Manhattan at the Nuyorikan Cafe. However, if you're here, you should go to Caleb Cole's opening at The Artist's Foundation from 3-5 on Saturday. I'm definitely going to this show when I get back. It's free and this kid does amazing work.

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