Friday, October 3, 2008

In a shocking turn of events...

...I am not the center of the Universe.

I think I'm all grown up and then I watch myself act like a spoiled child and hurt the most important person in my life. I am my own worst Judas, the coldest betrayer's touch is the curl of my own fist.

I don't like who I've been lately. I won't let this continue.

I barely remember the last time I felt this heart-nausea. Bastard grey-hairs working the Frappuccino blenders told me it gets easier when you get older. They were liars.

I learned to love all wrong. They always say these days, "Baby, it's me and not you," but that is so backwards. How can you love interiorly? You have to love outward, not inward. Love is light and wants to expand. Try to suck it in and it mashes into a black hole, swallowing everything around. These stupid mistakes I've made.

Don't you see? It's you and not me. Everything. Why I'm here. Why I love. You are the important one. You.

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