Saturday, July 5, 2008

I have not been feeling especially social lately. Looking for a full-time job/feeling inadequate/nearing the end of my book/being broke all lead to early nights and hours spent frustrated filling out forms and resumes, mooching off friends' food and drink, and still never having enough time to write as much as I'd like.

Low-key Fourth of July. Could barely see the fireworks over the trees of the Somerville castle. I am so exhausted with conversations right now. They all seem the same, and I feel like I can tear through them like cobwebs. At least I watched the fireworks with friends and ate a cheeseburger. So fucking American you wanna rip your face off. Welcomed my friend Nell back from Switzerland. Nice to see her after a year and a half, both of us with new sexy boyfriends and so much further along on the paths to what we want to become. We've come so far since Indiana.

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