Monday, July 28, 2008

From a shoot on Friday. Fifty bucks and hour to work with a really cool photographer. Sure beats waitressing.

I've got some more modeling gigs and a research job lined up, so I hopefully won't starve again in August. Still haven't reached my goal of steady employment, but I'll worry about that when this novel's in my agent's hands, and after my Lizard Lounge feature on Sunday (which you should come to if you're reading this in Boston).

How is it I never feel like I'm doing enough?

Also, Jade's verdict on the new Batman: I love the way they're handling this series, taking it so much more seriously than Burton (who I love, but who is by definition a bit campy). Ledger plays the Joker as a real person. Bale plays Batman as a real person. The fantastic situations are handled with minimal cartoonishness. Me likey me likey.

Also, dude, Heath Ledger's mannerisms. The lip-licking, the surprisingly subtle one-eye blinking. The fucking WALK coming out of the hospital in the nurse's uniform. I was squealing with glee in the theater. Everyone hated me.

Also ALSO, Watchmen the Movie? I'd like to go on record as saying *ahem [nerd voice]* I AM SKEPTICAL!

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