Monday, July 21, 2008

epic weekends

I turned off my brain this weekend. Didn't even let myself read. Saturday I went up to Connecticut to hang out with Derek's family by the pool. I drifted for hours by myself while he was cooking, just actually with myself, without friends or emails or even the characters in my head invading. Then at three the kids came over and jumped in, and I let them flip over my raft and squirt me with squirtguns. I got out for a couple of hours to eat delicious barbecue, then back in the pool with me.

At one point, Katherine, the littlest girl, tugged on Derek's mom's sleeve. "Aunt Sandy," she whispered. "Jade has a lady on her arm!"

"I know. That's called a tattoo."

She whispered even softer. "How did they get the lady on her arm?"

"Why don't you ask her?"

Eyes wide, vehement head shake no. Shy little girls are the cutest.

Sunday Tara went with me to my feature at Witch City Poetry in Salem. For my performance I received three free Belgian Dubbel Bocks and a salmon and creme fraiche crepe. Thought of making a sign that said, "Will Recite for Food." Rat tried to give me my own Art Saves sticker, saying "Someone gave this to me and it makes me think of you." I showed him my Moleskine with the sticker and told him, "Actually, I'm where those come from." He put it on his notebook.

We decided we needed some baked alaska inside of us, so when we got back to Cambridge, we stopped by Oleana and had multiple culinary orgasms waiting for Alana's flight to get in. I missed that girl to a ridiculous crazy degree. We all went straight to the B-Side and drank martinis till last call. She is right, in Boston, we have epic weekends.

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