Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being an artist's model has really showed me how little other people's opinions about you matter. I walk around a class and see all these depictions of myself as someone sees me. There are some people who always paint you too fat. Some who always paint you too thin. Some draw out the pinks in the skin, accentuate the curve of the hip or the circles under the eyes, some paint you in hues of blues, some labor over your breasts, swelling them, making them firmer and higher and making them match each other better, some focus on fine lines, bulges, dimples, bringing out every imperfection, some smooth over everything till you look like a magazine girl.

But no matter how beautiful or ugly they may be, none of them ever really looks how I know I look. When finished, they always end up saying more about the artist than the model.


Kayleigh said...

Hi Jade, I found your blog through The Universal Hub and am adding you to my blog role. I enjoyed your post about being an artists' model. Keep up the good work.

betty.noir said...

Hey lady; saw your name on Universal Hub and thought, hey, I know that person!

-j*me's friend Chris