Monday, May 12, 2008

So I guess I actually have two features booked so far this summer, one June 30th at the Out of the Blue Art Gallery, and another August 3rd at the Lizard Lounge.

Last night Tony and I did the slam at the Lizard just to make it happen. He won, I came in dead last, but three people whose judgments I totally respect told me my last poem (Necromance, the one about my friend Greg) gave them chills.

I quit my shittiest job the other day. All this sickness has made me reconsider a lot of things. Hey, remember back in October when you quit your shittiest job, deciding Yeah I'm Better Than This and vowed to crank out your novel by spring time? Didn't work out did it? On the other hand, I spent the winter learning how to write poetry I'm not embarrassed about, and I don't think the novel was really ready to come out till now, but I always like to give myself a hard time about these things. If Backstage doesn't get picked up by anyone (and both my agent, Janice, and I don't think it will be at this point) I really want to have my new one finished and in good enough shape to show her by the end of the summer.

Ten things I want to do this summer:

1: Get healthy.

2: Finish the current novel.

3: Start to slam.

4: Submit new poems to good journals.

5: Get a chapbook together.

6: Rock my features and book more.

7: Visit my family Back Home.

8: Do photoshoots with Mick and Caleb.

9: Find a decent source of income.

10: Have fun with the people I care about.

Too much fun lately, perhaps, but it's been a long time coming. Woke up today whiskey-hazy after waking up two days vodka-hazy and trying to think of the right words to type. Jme, Alana, and Tony rocked the Lizard last night. Jme's work sounds really good with the band behind him. Made me miss my Mommy.

Yesterday in Harvard Square they tried to sell me an issue of Spare Change with my poems in it. Nevermind that the poems are a year and a half old and I hate them now, it was still kind of cool.

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