Thursday, May 29, 2008

Provincetown this weekend. Jen, Amanda, Derek and I leave early tomorrow morning for the gaiety. In form, I have not packed. I've never experienced a warm P-town. It'll be very different from the one I saw last December, no doubt.

I have these two weeks off before modeling picks up again. I'm trying to get as much writing done as possible, but my days are filling up with neglected Dr.'s appointments. I'm trying to get my allergies (which the doctors assure me actually means I have an extremely ACTIVE immune system) under control, trying to get my knee, hip, and nerve pain under control, trying to just generally live a happier life. Hearing a woman talk about her weight is second only to hearing an old man talk about his stool consistency in terms of what most people care to listen to, but goddamn. I found out how much I weigh again and it's made me determined to find some gym I can afford or some pro-ana site that convinces me. It makes me think I have some dense tumor or something somewhere inside of me, because it seems completely illogical that I could be a size 4-6 and weigh this much. Okay, that's over for now. In other news, I made cookies.

Writing plods along. The new novel grows day by day. We're at like 150ish now, I believe. I'm shooting for a hundred more pages. One poem away from a chapbook, which Brian Ellis said he'd look over for me and help me make better in exchange for a vegetarian meal and really good bourbon. A lot a lot to do, which means I should end this entry and go do it.

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