Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More of This

My feature was, by all accounts to which I have access, a success. Thank you so much everyone who made the trip to Providence with me. I had a blast.

C.R. Avery was there and I was able to tell him how much I enjoyed his show with Patricia Smith Monday night. Really inspiring, in that makes-you-feel-like-shit sort of way. Probably a good, humbling thing to see before my first feature in months and months. Derek, Alana, Chris, Mandy, and Sharyn all caravaned down with me, and my awesome ex-neighbors Sara and Jeff, as well as Jess From Providence all surprised me with their mugs smiling back from the welcoming Reflections Cafe (whose baristas incidentally steam a mean hot chocolate) and it was so awesome to have all that support. Derek, Chris, Alana, and Sharyn all read, and sometimes I just got to be like, damn, I am so lucky to have such wicked talented friends, and this is so good. More of this.

Also awesome, I made fifty dollars! That's the most I've ever made at one time off of poetry. I just wanted to make enough to pay for the gas it took to get there and back, but I actually made a good profit. It feels pretty awesome, to be honest. Yes. More of this.

Last weekend=CLUB FUXXX=probably the most fun I've had dancing since Greggy's birthday in February. The best part? It's going to be held every month. The second best part? It's in Harvard Square, so I can walk there easily. The third best part? It's full of awesome, awesome people. Yes, yes. More of this:

I've been so into stars lately, thinking about how we're all made of carbon. There's so many poems there that it almost seems like cheating to try one.

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Chad Parenteau said...

Congratulations on the successful feature.