Sunday, March 16, 2008

No one ever buys me drinks, but last night I was purchased three Grey Goose martinis. I walked home, got lost, had to scale down what to me seemed like a great mountain, but was probably only a small incline between the hospital and Walgreens parking lots. I remembered my New Years Resolution to send more drunk texts, so I stopped halfway home to tell everyone that green light moves faster than red.

Got home safe and sat at my computer. Attacked a page with this:

“Hey,” I say.
“Yo, What’s up?” she says.
“Not too much. How’s school going?”
“Fine, Not bad. You?”
I kinda cough. “Not bad.”
We stay like, kinda frozen I think, for a while, then she’s like, “Well, have a good night,”
and I’m all, “Yeah you too,” and then she ‘s like, leaving before anything at all can like, even happen, so you know, it’s just like, life or women or something.

Totally cracked myself up. Moisturized my new tattoo and went to bed.

Today ate waffles and bacon. Turned off my phone and unraveled an old hat to make something new. While unknotting and knitting I watched Eternal Sunshine for the first time since it came out, and was surprised at how easily I cried. Then I watched Deconstructing Harry and tried not to identify too much with Woody Allen.

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