Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Hoot

Last night we went to The Hoot at Whitehaus, Brian Ellis's place in JP. This is a great white house with art scattered all over inside and a beautiful performance space in the front living room where on Fridays from 10pm to 4am poets and musicians gather for a laid back, supportive salon.

The acoustic music and hemp clothing brought me back to my best Bloomington self. We walked in as Brian was reading. He did the dog poem I loved so much back in the fall. I remember hearing it for the first time. I think it was that poem that inspired me to work harder at poetry.

Shira was there and read. I've only seen her once before and it was nice to watch her in a laid back, intimate environment reading new off-beat things. Alana sang and read. Later there was some sweet electronic music.

At 2am I got up and performed probably better than I ever have in my life. Derek asked me if I'd been practicing, but I said no, I just made a choice. I just decided to perform better, and I did it.

Now I have to keep it up.

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