Thursday, March 13, 2008

He says, "You've been sleeping better lately," so to disprove his grasp of me I answer with three near-sleepless nights. Some things don't change.

Our housewarming party appears to have been a success from the pictures. As far as the reality of the section of time and place, who can say? I'm reading The Dancing Wu Li Masters and am satisfied that all my intuitions about the nature of things are backed up by contemporary branches of physics, whatever that means.

All this physics pseudobabble makes me intensely miss my little brother. I will have to visit him in Michigan soon. Perhaps in May. Though of course everyone knows that Ann Arbor is a filthy whore. Since moving to the city, I've really found I savor my chances to get away from it for a few days here and there. Derek and I are going to Connecticut for Easter. It's so nice to be in a real house now and then.

One of my last mornings like this in Allston, I watched the pink sunrise and slithered down makeupless to Herrell's to try to write a novel or something. Looks like I'll probably by picking up the steam wand again, at least a few days a week. God, I'm getting tired of worrying about money.

PS. Speaking of the Northern Migration, look what we got:

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Chad Parenteau said...

Oh, man, you own a website, now? I am so jealous. I only rent.