Sunday, March 2, 2008

God. I look so grown-up in this picture.

I have been extremely scattered lately. I've been forgetting so many things. I've found it very hard to focus enough to write much. The other day I left my bank card in an ATM and someone stole it and tried to steal almost 1000 dollars (that I didn't have). I was in tears Friday night on the phone, but I got it sorted out and I should be able to get the money they did steal ($200) back.

I think this is my own mind telling me to slow down. Calm the FUCK DOWN, Jade. Don't sweat so much. Do things in your own time and they will get done. I think I've been doing too much for too many other people. I really need to say no sometimes. I will be happier if I focus on my own writing for a while.

My mom is visiting tomorrow. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving and I really really miss her. I think it will do my mind good to have her around for a while.

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