Monday, March 24, 2008

Back working at a bakery/cafe again. First shift today and I didn't hate it. I tend to know right away if I'm going to hate any job. Free food, which hey, is a super big fucking plus. This cuts down on living costs like whoa. You have no idea how much you spend on food and coffee. Yes, Jade knows how to live on 200 dollars a week. Whatchoo want?

I keep putting off getting a "real" job. I wish I knew what I'm doing is the right thing. I guess no one ever does. It would be nice, when I think of it, to walk around and buy iPods and leather jackets and Martinis and fancy shampoos and steaks all the time. I am telling myself this time that I'll get a real job when I'm done with the current novel. I'm tired of being poor, but I'm just not ready for an office, I and I think I know that.

I've always taken care of myself. I'll do what I have to when the time comes.

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