Thursday, January 24, 2008

entirely too much information

phones) I lost my phone on Thursday while Sam and I were looking for apartments. This development is good for my ADD, as I'm not interrupted by *urgent calls and texts while I'm in the middle of writing. This development is bad for my melancholy, because I cannot talk to my mom and my brother and other wonderful people when I'm feeling down about jobs and writing and stds. Segue, ho!

stds) Return of Planned Parenthood. So it looks like my whorish ways have landed me with the lamest albeit current media darling of all **stds, HPV. Cervical cancer, what? Woke up this morning to a nice letter from my friends down at the PP reading "Good Morning, Jade. You have HPV! Come back to us and we will scrape your cervix and look for signs of malignant mutation, you dumb slut." I am paraphrasing.

other kinds of ds) I am sick again. Hopefully just a cold. I hate my weak body. I hate that I can't sleep ever and then end up getting sick. I hate my knees and my nose and now, my cervical cells.

new york i love you but you're bringing me down) I'm supposed to go to New York tomorrow for the first time as an adult. I hope I feel better.

novular) Still no word from any of the publishers regarding my last novel. I talked to my agent the other day and she said she's heard from Kensington, who says he hopes to read it by mid-February. This is not a business for the impatient.


**I guess we call them "stis" now, but I'm a child of the '90's.

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