Sunday, November 4, 2007

On Writing

There are those who talk and those who do.

If you want to be a writer, you must know that you will lead a miserable, poor, lonely life. You must accept that you will never make money, never be known. You will eat day-old bread. You will be a leech. You will date people for money or ask your mom to pay the rent. You will be laughed at. When you tell people what you do, their eyes will roll subtly. At family gatherings your elders will whisper about you. You will not sleep well or sleep too much. You will always be the one who is too drunk or too sober. In relationships you will always be the one who is too intense, or you will be a titanic asshole. You will chase people away. You will procrastinate. You will never finish anything when you say you will. Your work will never be read, never be understood, never get you laid. You will show something important to someone important to you and they will nod and smile and say "Um, yeah. I totally think I get that." You must understand that you will never write anything good. You will never be happy with anything when it's finished. You are doing it, essentially, for nothing.

You must truly accept and expect that you will live a pathetic, painful, fatuous, cringe-worthy, worthless existence. Then and only then will you maybe begin to earn a gram of respect.


Lisa Reade said...
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Lisa Reade said...

haha i hope you don't mind that i wrote like, a weird mirror-entry in response to your entry.

Gordon Marshall said...

Even Shakespeare didn't write anything good.