Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You want everything to be a journey.

You want to have this life-changing blinding light hit you when you open your eyes on a new year. You want a new life. You want 25 to feel somehow different from 24, to leave behind all those jaw aches and sleepless nights and wanting. You want to be new with the rising of the sun.

But then the Universe says no, I will not let you forget, and poignantly I will time it so that you know that I know, and that I am saying no to your wants. No you cannot leave it behind, no matter how far you fly away. These things are boulders in bags now, tied around your ankles, dragging you down.

So this is the slow back-break of adulthood.


Lisa Reade said...

don't give up, change comes slow. keep truckin like you say.

Gordon Marshall said...

You've got the nerve of a major poet.

deixis said...

i try to think of it this way, i guess--that when i'm feeling dissatisfied, when i'm feeling trapped, it means that my critical faculties are still intact, and that my ambition is still intact. that the engine's hot and running, even if it's idling. so rev up and peel out, sister.